Visit report by TEN Ambassador, Terry Wood

It’s always a privilege to travel with our partners in Romania, Beni and Ancuta Micle and to go out into the villages near Constanta. Less than an hour’s drive away from the busy city, and in stark contrast to it, there are deep potholes in the unmade roads and a bleak landscape of assorted single-storey buildings, some looking more like sheds than dwellings.

But turning the corner we see something very different. Crisp and clearly recently built, this is the Agape Church building that has made such a difference to the little community of Sinoe. Beni and Ancuta have been serving  there for a long time and helping to establish a local church for this village and for the surrounding area.

In some of the more remote parts of Romania an evangelical Christian presence can be seen as a threat by both the Mayor and the Orthodox priest who, between them, keep a good handle on all that happens. But for the Agape Pentecostal Church to have their own building sets them firmly in the centre of the community. There’s a thriving Sunday school and practical help for poor families to demonstrate the love of God in deeds as well as in words.

The local Pentecostal churches have taken a long-term view on church planting, targeting an area to the north of Constanta where previously there were no evangelical churches for more than 100km. Over time, a small house group of dedicated believers can become a church: this is the process Beni and the other leaders seek to replicate as they serve the Lord.

TEN has had the privilege of being involved with new church buildings in two villages in the last three years where cost of the each building has been less than £20,000! Please join Beni in praying now for the next project. This involves the construction of a church building in the strategic town of Mihail Kogalniceanu. Once again this community currently has no evangelical church.

If you or your church wish to find out more about how to get involved to help with funding church building projects with TEN partners, email: or write to us.