Rock of Ages ministry has been operating in Romania for many years and it’s work has gone international with individuals taking the ministry ideas back to their own countries. TEN are thrilled to partner with Mircea and Ronela as they continue to serve those who are on the skirts of society. Here how 2014 went:

“First of all, we would like to give thanks to the Lord for His love, His Grace and His mercy. We thank God for each and every one of you and we appreciate the way you showed again your love for us. The scripture we have chosen for this year is: “Unto thee I life up my eyes … upon the Lord our God, until that He have mercy upon us.” This is the way we want to live this year: Looking in the eyes of our Lord and accepting His guidance, waiting for His providing, being sure that we step in the story He already wrote for our lives. We need to believe that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. We give glory to God for the way He used us as His tool’s last year. It was a year with many difficult moments in our life concerning our health, but God, as always, proved His faithfulness to us. These are the fruits of your prayers and support throughout 2014:

Bible study programme (credited by the National Romanian Prisons Administration):

  • 431 new people started the Bible courses by correspondence
  • 442 New Testaments and Bibles were given to prisoners
  • 3884 envelopes containing Bible Studies etc were sent to prisoners
  • 3091 completed Bible studies have been received from prisoners at our office
  • 246 Christian Literature, 663 devotional books and 159 Christian booklets were given to the prisoners

Preaching and Educational programmes:

  • With God’s help we created 5 new programmes: “A new beginning”, “Free and reintegrated”, “The human being between rights and responsibilities”, “The woman – needs and accomplishments”, “Steps towards family back home – a programme for Fathers”.
  • 273 prisoners prayed in 2014 to receive the Lord in their hearts
  • With support income we managed to hand out food, blankets, hygiene items, sweets and clothing to prisoners

We trust in the Lord for this New Year too. We pray and trust that He will provide and He will bless you abundantly as you continue to partner with us in His ministry. We pray that He will “move the mountains” if necessary in order for the Romanian inmates to hear the gospel!”

Mircea and Ronela Cristian

Prayer – 

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  • Please pray for this coming year and the programmes ready to go out to prisoners. May the prison doors remain open to Rock of Ages so that their ministry can continue to be abundantly fruitful.
  • Pray for Mircea’s health
  • Pray for prisoners who have prayed to accept Christ. May their lives be forever transformed and their ‘new birth’ help with their life outside prison walls.