Hervin Fushekati has recently written some updates about one of the churches he is currently working with in Albania. In recent times, the Albanian government have been wanting to restructure the local area where some church members homes have been in order to build a recreational park along the banks of the river.

Hervin mentions, “This planning even though will change/improve the life quality in the area, it affects us negatively. Some of our members might lose their homes. On the other hand we might lose our rented church place. Knowing that it is a strong Muslim area, and that it is hard to find someone to rent from, our church has started to pray for a place of our own. This not only gives the church dignity—that actually we belong in the area, but also solves the problem of continuously having to move. In the area there will be some new construction going to take place and we hope and pray that God will provide for us to purchase a small place that we can call it our own—especially now that prices are still low. Please pray with us, that God will give us peace as well as provide in His timing.”

In other River Bank news, 2014 seems to be a year of firsts for the church. January saw the sad passing of a church member whilst June is set for a celebration with the wedding of their praise and worship leader Ana.


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  • Praise God for his provisions for the church thus far.
  • Praise God for the unity of the church going from strength to strength.
  • Pray for God’s provision for a new premises for the church to meet in and that it might be one the church can buy for themselves.
  • Pray for the various individuals who might face losing their home. May God protect them and give them His overflowing peace in the weeks and months ahead.