Rock of Ages prison ministry in Romania led by Mircea and Ronela Cristian reports that a further opportunity to share the gospel has arisen at the Tichilesti Penitentiary in Brăila County, south-east Romania. The prison houses up to 200 young offenders and the authorities have welcomed the help offered by the ministry team and the chance for many of the young men to see their lives changed.

Mircea and Ronela Cristian

Following training of the team of volunteer workers, most of whom had never been inside a penal establishment, though one member is a former prisoner, prisoners are being befriended and given an opportunity to take part in the Bible Study course.

Mircea is delighted to share that 38 prisoners have received Jesus in their hearts during the last two months and 22 inmates have completed the Bible Study course by correspondence and one of the participants wrote in his letter about the impact of the course.

“Dear people, May God bless you for all you are doing! This Bible study course helps me a lot and it makes a difference in my life. I have peace in my soul, I’ve learned to take the Word of God and make it my life value and I am very determinate to change my life, so I will not longer live, but Jesus Christ lives in me. I want to give up my old way to live and follow Jesus and I am sure that God will lead my steps on His path.”

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