Dear Partners in prayer, “When we depend upon organizations, we get what organizations can do; when we depend upon man, we get what man can do; but when we depend upon prayer, we get what God can do.” We are very grateful for your prayers. Through prayer, we get what God can accomplish. That is what makes something temporary into something eternally powerful. Please pray with us this month for:


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  • The Hospice staff. Pray that He will lead us daily how to serve and  and support the patients and families that  He entrusted us to care for. Pray that God’s love will flow through us to those in need for love, peace, hope and dignity. Pray that we always have the right words to encourage them and lead them to peace with God, with themselves and with other people.
  • Thank God with us for answering our prayers for Bianca – Monica’s daughter. All three surgeries needed after she was hit by a car last month were successful and she is now well. We praise the Lord for taking care for Bianca. How much we enjoyed to see her reciting by heart recently in a service Psalm 121.
  • Pray for Dr. Mateas, member of the Hospice Board of directors who was recently diagnosed with gastric cancer. Pray that the good hand of the Lord will be upon him during the oncological treatment and that God will bring healing to him. Pray for Mrs. Covacescu, member in the Board of Consultancy, the architect who realised the project of the new hospice free of charge for Emanuel Hospice; pray for full recovery and healing after a surgery which she had this week. Also pray for our colleague, nurse Annamaria. She has a high-risk pregnancy and is hospitalized. Pray that God will keep and the baby in His care.
  • Since we cannot live here without the financial provision of the Lord, we hope that God’s reputation is built up when He supplies our needs through His people. Pray for the Hospice friends, supporters and volunteers.
  • From July 20th – 25th please pray for the Hospice summer camp that God will use this opportunity in His kingdom-building. Pray for the children that will go to the camp to be protected by God and enjoy an unforgettable time that week. Pray that each one of them will feel God’s love and touch through the staff and volunteers who will minister to them. Pray for the staff to show compassion and creativity to the children and that they will transmit them the words of the Lord with sensitivity and passion. Pray for wisdom and enthusiasm in planning the activities.
  • Pray that the building works at the new hospice will re-start soon. Pray for a meeting that we will have this week with one of the directors of SC Abed-Nego, the company which was selected to continue the construction.

Thank you for praying with us!