“On 13th February we organized a prayer night in the village of Shishmantsi. We’ve organized many prayer nights through the years but it’s been a long time since we have had a prayer night like this. During the meeting the electricity was cut but it wasn’t a reason for the people to stop praying and to seek the face of God. Vice versa, we have always had miracles happening, healings and conversions during the prayer meeting.

This time we were surprised and abundantly blessed again.

Seven young boys, who have never given their lives to Jesus, said they wanted to convert and repent for their sins. Can you imagine – 7! On that night we hadn’t even asked people if they wanted to convert. Some of these young people were well known for their amoral behavior, robbery and hooligan behavior. This is one of the greatest miracles we’ve seen in our ministry.

Now these boys and other boys from the church read the Bible and pray every Friday. Some of them go to church to pray at 04:30 in the morning together with an old man. This is incredible! They attend every meeting and took part in organizing the joint youth meeting with young people and leaders from other churches. We thank God for this. This is an amazing work of His for His glory.”

Nikola Atanasov

Prayer – 

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  • What a prayer night! Praise God for His glorious mercifulness in allowing sinful creatures like us to communicate with Him in such a personal way.
  • Praise God for the faithfulness of the seven young boys who have committed their life to Christ; may He protect them and build them up to be Godly men.
  • Pray for Nikola and other leaders who nurture these young boys.
  • Pray for future prayer nights to continue stirring and inspiring the congregation and those that gather.