Over the next 40 days people all over the world are collectively going to seek God’s will and purpose for the nation of Poland through prayer and fasting. This has long been the intention of Peter and Lynne Yeoman – TEN’s partners living and working in Poland. “It is our intention to ‘march’ into the Spring of this year with divine strategy. We believe that the Lord has laid on our hearts the desire to fast and pray for a season and so commencing 1st April we will begin 40 days of prayer and fasting.”

Peter goes on to explain, “Every year “In the Spring of the year” the kings of the Old Testament would go out to battle, and presently even in the natural realm, there appears to be much unrest and anxiety as we witness the latest moves by Russia against Ukraine. So it is our intention to pray that, not only Poland, but the whole of Eastern Europe will know of a mighty move of the Holy Spirit in these last days. We will be going to battle in prayer. It is indeed the power of God unto salvation to those who believe but the power comes from prayer; prayer by those who have already believed because they have experienced this glorious gospel.”

Peter and Lynne are not asking anyone to strictly stick to the 40 days but to join them in choose a day or two through the 40 days. If you would like to do so please get in touch with the office, we would love to hear from you. “In short, pray for REVIVAL!”


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  • For people’s eyes / ears and hearts to be fully open in prayer. For the leaders to encourage their congregations and one another throughout the next 40 days.
  • Wisdom, perseverance and to know God’s sovereignty through prayer.
  • For Revival.
  • For this to be the beginning of something miraculous and transformational.