Following the June 2018 election results, Turkish President Recep Erdogan is taking on extensive new executive powers following his outright election victory.

BBC News reports, ‘Parliament has been weakened and the post of prime minister abolished, as measures approved in a controversial referendum last year take effect. Defeated opposition candidate Muharrem Ince said Turkey was now entering a dangerous period of one-man rule. Mr Erdogan polled nearly 53% in the most fiercely fought election in years. Erdogan has presided over a strong economy and built up a solid support base. But he has also polarised opinion, cracking down on opponents and putting some 160,000 people in jail.’

Evangelical Christian leaders in Turkey anticipate a hard time ahead for the country across social, political and economic landscapes.

“In these difficult days we want strength, courage and protection from the Lord for our churches. Some believers face constant threats. Church leaders have recently been placed under more pressure. There is a need to pray against the dominant power of the pro-government press.”

Pastor Andrew Brunson

Pastor Andrew Brunson

On a positive note, Andrew Brunson, the American pastor imprisoned in Turkey during the purge almost two years ago has at last been moved from prison to house arrest after a court ruling on July 25 citing his health problems. He is being tried on terrorism and spying charges  and faces a jail term of 35 years if found guilty. His next hearing is due to take place in October.

TEN Partner, Metin Mintaz adds, “When supporters stand with us in their prayers the Lord brings power to the churches in Turkey. Our hope is in the Lord. When we look at the history of the church, we see that the Lord shows His grace more effectively as it passes through difficult days. May the Lord show His power in these difficult days and may there be opportunities for the churches in Turkey to grow and be strengthened. The Lord is good.”