The Balkans conflict in the early 1990s devastated Bosnia & Herzegovena and shattered the infrastructure. Foreign aid is still important as well as rebuilding the country. With a population in excess of 3.7 million, more than 50% are Muslims, while over 40% say they are Christians. The number of evangelical believers has increased significantly but still represents only a very small percentage of the population. In 1991 there were three congregations, which has increased to over 35 today.

TEN’s partners minister in a number of these churches, including Slavko Hadzic, who is pastor of ‘Kosevsko Brdo’ in Sarajevo.


He says “It’s a very challenging city to work in with many political and economic problems and very little church growth. However, last year we did see one whole family come to Christ,” explains Slavko.

“The son who had problems with addictions met Jesus and his life was completely changed. This had such an impact on his family that both his mother and grandmother also became Christians.”

Meanwhile another TEN partner Ljiljana Banicek, who works at Banja Luka Christian Fellowship says they are also seeing some encouraging testimonies:

“In the last two months, we have five new young people who joined our Bible Study group and we praise Lord for them.”


Ljiljana’s church is also very active in social action, currently supporting 30 vulnerable families.

“In April, we started English classes for their children, but we also great opportunity to spend time with the parents as they waited for their children to finish class. So,while the children were learning English we spent time with parents getting to know them, talking about their problems, sharing the Gospel with them, simply being there for them.”

Slavko concluded: “Please pray that we will see churches growing in number and in maturity and for revival to come to Bosnia.”