“This is period of time in which, for the first time, I feel something fundamentally is changing in our church. I feel that foundation is being established.

I always prayed and hoped that people from church will really grow, catch on fire, start serving and becoming pillars of the church. It is good and very often needed to have missionaries but actual goal is that people from church would grow and be the ones who carry the ministry. But for so long things were lukewarm and if there was some growth in people it was short lived.

Since this summer, we witness that there are number of people who are being transformed right in front of our eyes and being joyful and ready to serve and be involved. We have two people who have agreed to work with youth. They are gathering them and they usually watch some christian movie and then discuss about it. One of our men is gathering men for the men’s fellowship and prayer. We have another woman who is helping a lot with children work. A gentleman is taking care about technical stuff in church etc. Not a long time ago it was all Tanja, Maca and I.

There are people who really grow and are being faithful!! YEAH!! I am so joyful and excited about what the Lord will do!”

Zoltan Vegel

Prayer – 

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  • Praise God for people coming forwards to help in the church. Pray this won’t be a temporary measure but that people truly are catching hold of helping one another out and enjoying being active within the church.
  • Praise God for the faithfulness of His workers in Sombor.