“Things here go very slow and very very hard but thank God things are going on, because it is on God’s own heart to bless this country.”

During recent evangelistic outreaches, Bar and Niksic, around 50,000 flyers and 100 books/New Testaments were distributed in Montenegrin streets.

“Many people heard about Jesus and this was for the first time in the history of this country, that our people had opportunity to listen to the gospel in their language. We had about 30 people who were in the teams of 2 sent to different parts of the town, talking to people and giving out the new testaments and flyers. Also during the whole day we had a desk in the town with the people from 2 churches and people from RETO center.

People who were passing by, they would come to the desk and ask us different questions about God and church. We invited them all to be present in evening from 6pm to 9pm, when teams from RETO (Zagreb and Split – Croatia.  Beograd- Serbia and Skopje-Macedonia) had sketches and dramas, presenting Jesus in different ways. And finally some of us gave testimonies and I also preached short message.”

The team feel encouraged to do the event, or similar, again in the future. This is not the end for Montenegro, especially as nearer the end of the month they will have a team from the church in Split come and help Jovica’s church further evangelise the town.

  Jovica Bacvanski


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  • Pray for Jovica, and those he works closely with, for their perseverance and joy in sharing the Good News despite their lack of response.
  • For Montenegro, that their hearts may be inspired by the Holy Spirit and transformed through God’s workers – like Jovica. 
  • Pray for the evangelism yet to take place near the end of June. Pray for unity amongst the two churches and for the population they reach to have open ears and eyes to the gospel message.
  • “Please pray for us, so we might be able to continue to do [these events] in the future and to do it more often to reach as many people as we can for the Lord.”