After many weeks of searching the Uskudar Church has a new office!! “May was a month of many ups and downs for our church, but at the end of the month we have both a place where we can worship on Sundays and an office which Metin can use during the week.”

The church was encouraged by the sermon Metin opened up with on 4th May. It was their first service in a different building. “Metin preached about Abraham’s life and stressed the points in Abraham’s life where he gave things up, pointing out that from the world’s point of view Abraham was a wealthy man and had no need to move to a new place as he already was quite wealthy. Metin then shared how it had been difficult for him to move out of our old church building, but God had given him peace that despite the difficulties we would encounter in moving on, He would be with us and provide something even better, just as he provided for Abraham in key points in his life.”  

More information on the new church facility:

“That building is adequate for our needs. It has two floors of offices at the bottom of an apartment building, and the lower floor has a fairly large open room that comfortably holds 30 to 40 people. The other floor, the entry level one, has a patio in back which provides a comfortable place to fellowship after the service. For our church, the only serious drawback is the time we can use the facility. We have the building beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Sundays, which is not an easy time for families with young children. In our first meeting in this new building,”

And office:

“The office itself is a bit over 100 m2 (that is, over 1000 sq ft). It is an entry level flat, and you can walk straight into it from the street without entering the apartment building it is part of. The set-up of the office suits our needs well. The front room, which faces the street, is mostly large glass windows, so it feels like an office and will be a comfortable place for anyone, either male or female, to walk into and talk to Metin. In the back of that room, there is a corridor that leads back to the rest of the flat. There are three more rooms, and one of them is quite large and should be useful for some church meetings. One of the back rooms is also far enough removed from the street that someone can comfortable sleep there. The office includes a small kitchen and small bathroom.”

 Updates from Metin & Dan, Turkey.



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  • Praise God for the testimony of His creative provision for Uskudar Church over both their new buildings and having their old building rent free for the month of May – “That is probably the last place we expected God’s provision, but providing in unexpected ways is one way that our God enjoys glorifying His name.”
  • “It has been a busy couple of months finding a place and getting settled in to two new places, and there is still plenty of work to do in the new office. Pray that God may help us balance the practical and pastoral needs.”
  • Pray for Metin especially: Turkey is still not very open to the gospel and therefore setting up the church office in a new neighbourhood could have complications. Pray for Metin’s safety and protection over the office. May it be a profound witness to those who have yet to hear the Good News!