1. Dusan Beredi (Bera), Serbia: Praise God for the work of the Rehabilitation Centre. May they find more resources to accommodate the large number of addicts they help.
  2. Praise God for those who have been rehabilitated and are now helping others, particularly post flood. Thank God for their faith. May they continue in their Christian walk.
  3. Novi Sad have run numerous summer camps; may the young know what it is to walk with and follow in Christ’s footsteps.
  4. Alpha has begun in Serbia! “Pray for the discipleship of new people, may they make a permanent decision to follow Christ!”
  5. Terry Wood, TEN Ambassador, is speaking this morning at St. Bartholomews, Wick. Pray for God’s anointing on Terry, the message he shares and that he will raise interest in TEN.
  6. Praise God for all of TEN’s volunteers and ambassadors. Thank God for their humility and servant hearts. May He cause His face to shine upon them!
  7. Ruth Richardson, TEN Ambassador, is speaking at Chelsea Christian Centre. Pray for her safety and enthusiasm as she shares about the work of TEN.
  8. Rachel Lee, TEN Ambassador, is joining in the Ladies Meeting at Southfield Church, Nailsea. May she be an encouraging challenger for the Lord among the ladies she meets.
  9. Maca Turner, Serbia: Pray for Maca’s immediate family who are yet to know Christ (husband and son). Ask God to guide Maca’s conversations with grace and love.
  10. Pray for Maca and her husband mourning for their mother-in-law; and their father-in-law who has Alzheimer’s. Pray for God to be ever present and evident within their lives.
  11. The church has recently lost some members—“please pray that God will speak to them and bring them back to church.”
  12. Nesa & Vesna Radeka, Novi Sad, Serbia: “Please pray for pro-life ministry… We are planning to rent a house to accommodate young single moms with their babies.”
  13. “Please pray for our church planting ministry. We are about to start our third daughter church in another part of the city called Sangaj.”
  14. Erion Cuni, Albania: As mentoring classes restart, pray for wisdom and energy to build relationships that ultimately lead to Christ. Eight people gave their lives last year, pray for more of the same!
  15. Pray for the church planters who are setting up two big events in their community. The social events are hoping to introduce people to church and share the gospel.
  16. Mission Possible Albania (MPA): Pray for the youth ministry at the Hope Centre, may it grow and become a good tool in spreading the Good News.
  17. Pray for the courses which restarted in September: Alpha, Literacy, Tailoring, Computers and English.
  18. “The Spring Kindergarten: Pray for those kids who will leave the kindergarten to go to school and the new kids who will join.”
  19. Praise God for the amazing work of the MPA Team! May they continue on in humbleness, perseverance, open-mindedness, dedication and prayer.
  20. Emanuel Hospice, Romania (EH): Dr. David Levy, a highly respected neurosurgeon, wrote a book that EH is trying to facilitate the translation of. “We pray this book will be read by many people and that after reading it, their lives and practices will be even more impacting, constructive and beautiful.”
  21. EH’s building programme has recommenced. They’re excited to “actually see the building rise!” Pray for the resources for that development and for Marinela as she leads the vision.
  22. “Pray for blessings and productivity of the National Taskforce on Development of Volunteering in Palliative Care in Romania” which EH is represented in. “Our aim is to inspire more people to join our vision and to reach out to more hurting hearts, expanding palliative care services to the unreached communities in the country.”
  23. Beni Micle, Romania: Pray for the work going on in the impoverished village of Sinoe, known as “the Africa” of the area. Pray for God to do miraculous works among the people.
  24. Pray for Costica, Alina and their five children. The church is currently trying to build them a new home. Pray for the resources surrounding that and for speed!
  25. During this Harvest season, pray for churches where TEN is being represented. May UK Christians feel a ‘hunger and thirst’ to help those who have nothing!
  26. Andy Drake, TEN’s CEO, is preaching at Holy Trinity, Stapleton and Perry Street, London. Pray for the Spirit to touch the congregation and call people to action/service.
  27. Pray for TEN’s partners as they pray and seek God’s wisdom over Harvest and whom to help first; may God multiply what we cannot.
  28. Pray for those across Europe who are already dreading the winter months, who face below freezing temperatures with little food or heat. May they know hope this winter.
  29. Tomislav & Helena Mogus, Croatia: “Please pray for God’s strength and wisdom on the new mission outpost that we serve on a regular basis.”
  30. Vukovar has the highest rate of divorce in Croatia. Pray for the work among married couples to strengthen them; for children who feel hurt and for God to heal broken families.
  31. Please continue to pray for Bosnia, East Croatia and Serbia as they continue to battle with the flooding aftermath.