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Monday 16December, 2019

Christians in Albania bring relief to earthquake survivors

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Earthquake in Albania brings devastation The 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck northwest Albania around 4am and last 30 seconds causing buildings to collapse in Durrës, Lac and Thumanë. The final death toll reached 51, with 2,000 injured. [...]

Monday 21October, 2019

The Fall of the Berlin Wall changed everything

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This November will mark thirty years since the Berlin Wall was dramatically torn down with bare hands, hammers and mechanical diggers. It was a pivotal moment for Europe. The destruction of the wall in 1989, [...]

Friday 18October, 2019

How did Ian Morris become a Country Champion with TEN?

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Today's society encourages us to retire early, relax, enjoy life and to create a personal bucket list of interesting places to visit and new things to experience! Ian Morris begs to differ. "Back in the [...]

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