Eastern Europe suffers from poverty and very cold winters

Many more families than usual face a bleak prospect this year. The coronavirus pandemic has affected the health of thousands of people and sadly many have lost their lives. With limited medical care and often poorly resourced hospitals the toll has been high. The hope of a vaccine remains distant compared to the rich, western nations of Europe.

Countries like Albania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Romania and Serbia are also suffering from economic collapse as a result of factory closures and the loss of tourism. Unemployment levels are dangerously high and there is little money to buy essential food and logs for heating. On top of this, Moldova and parts of Romania have experienced a year-long drought that has greatly affected crop yields. Farmers have no income and the cost of animal feed has risen dramatically.

This winter many of TEN’s partners will again offer assistance to the most vulnerable people in their communities. Without the generosity of UK Christians only a small number of elderly people and families can be helped. Donating money towards TEN’s WinterHelp Appeal enables our partners to offer hot meals to children, buy and distribute food parcels, supply logs for stoves and other vital provisions. This costs much less than it would to source and send supplies from the UK.

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Imagine for a moment that you swapped lifestyles.

You would be in poverty rather than having plenty, experience effort instead of ease and exchange comfort for cold.

How can you give to WinterHelp?

» Donations can be made online by using the Give to WinterHelp button below.

» Online banking to the credit of ‘Eurovangelism’
Account number: 38611760
Sort code: 30-94-80

» Send a cheque made out to ‘TEN’ and write WinterHelp on the back.
Transform Europe Network, 23 Apex Court, Woodlands, Bradley Stoke, Bristol BS32 4JT

» Purchase an Essential Gift online using the suggestions at the foot of this page.

WinterHelp reaches Oradea, Romania

Bianca is 14 years old and has a very rare form of cancer. She has been cared for by Emanuel Hospice for two years now. Bianca’s mother had to care for her while she was in the hospital and this meant that she was unable to work to support Bianca and her two younger sisters. The sisters were embarrassed to go to school because their shoes were so unsuitable. Thanks to WinterHelp donations, Emanuel Hospice were able to provide all three daughters with new jackets and shoes to stay warm during the winter. This means everything to Bianca and her family. Because of your generosity and Emanuel Hospice’s dedication, they’ve experienced God’s care.

Firewood delivered in Kosovo

WinterHelp reaches Pristina, Kosovo

An open fire or log burner in the UK is often thought of as a luxury. For many families in Pristina, Kosovo, it’s an essential need. At Fellowship of the Lord’s People church, the team have worked hard to distribute firewood to 24 families in need. Leonora Maloku tells us, “For many families, winter is about survival. It’s living with fear about tomorrow and waiting to see if somebody will care enough to help.”

Donations to WinterHelp show that people do care. Because of this firewood, these families can heat their homes, cook their food, and know God’s love.

WinterHelp reaches Tarcea, Romania

This man needs transformation. The roof on his dilapidated house is in desperate need of repair and his health is continuously bad because of his living conditions. Because of donations to WinterHelp, the church in Tarcea was able to provide him with some food, bedding and firewood. Your generosity has given this man hope that God will improve his situation.

WinterHelp reaches Lebane, Serbia

TEN’s partner, Danijel Reckovic who leads a church in Lebane, Serbia was able to buy firewood for ten families and shoes for eighteen children through donations to WinterHelp. This makes a massive difference. Danijel says, “It is hard for Roma children to remain in school. They often don’t have adequate footwear or clothes during wintertime and this has led to them being rejected at school. It’s particularly hard for their parents to provide for them because they rely on seasonal summer work. By the winter, finances become tighter. Who would think that providing the funds to buy a pair of shoes would not only keep feet warm and dry but also provide an education?

WinterHelp Essential Gifts

Our partners in Europe have requested these essential gifts for those living in extreme poverty. Choose below either the WinterHelp Big Bundle or any of the individual gifts included in the bundle:

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