WinterHelp Appeal

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Winterhelp – Freezing temperatures mean thousands of families in Eastern Europe will struggle for warmth and food this winter.

Your gift would mean so much to those who are among the poorest people in Europe.

This winter many of TEN’s partners will again offer assistance to the most vulnerable people in their communities. Without the generosity of UK Christians only a small number of elderly people and families can be helped. Donating money towards TEN’s WinterHelp Appeal enables our partners to buy and distribute food, fuel and other vital provisions at local prices. This costs much less than it would to source and send supplies from the UK.

How can you give to WinterHelp?

» Donations can be made online by using the button below
» Send a cheque made out to ‘TEN’ and write WinterHelp on the back
» Purchase an Essential Gift online (choose below)
» Church collection
» Fundraising event

Winters in Eastern Europe bring freezing-cold conditions.

Many poor people struggle to find sufficient warmth, to provide hot meals, and their health is put at risk. There is little or no state aid.

WinterHelp in Albania

Snow during the first weekend of 2018 brings freezing cold conditions to people living in Albania.  Photo: Gentiana Cuni

Snow in Sarajevo

First snow of Winter fell in Sarajevo on Sunday 3rd December 2017. Photo: Hadzic

WinterHelp Essential Gifts

Our partners in Europe have requested these essential gifts for those living in extreme poverty. Choose below either the WinterHelp Big Bundle or any of the individual gifts included in the bundle: