You can help make a child's dream come true with a donation to our 2018 Summer Camps

Your gift will bring an immediate smile to a young person dreaming about staying at a 2020 Summer Camp in one of Europe’s poorest countries.

Every year our partners in Europe run at least 20 residential Summer Camps in countries like Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Moldova, Romania and Serbia. The cost for each child or young person to travel, be fed and stay at camp is around £15 each day; money that poor families could never afford. Demand is always high and around 1,500 children are carefully selected, often having faced recent bereavement or living in a socially vulnerable family.

A week at Summer Camp is a life-changing experience in which the lives of children are filled with joy, singing, games, friendship, freshly cooked meals and comfortable beds. Many children also respond to the message of God’s love through Jesus Christ.

It’s the generous support of UK Christians that enables these children to enjoy their dream.  Would you consider sponsoring a child at Summer Camp? Your gift could cover transport, meals, arts and craft materials or a full week’s accommodation.

Your donation to Summer Dreams:

  • £100 – One week at residential camp

  • £50 – Accommodation and bus travel costs

  • £25 – All meals and snacks for one week

  • £10 – Art and craft materials