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Harvest for the Hungry – I was hungry, you gave me food (Matthew 25 verse 35)

Your donation will help us to deliver food parcels to thousands of Europe’s poorest people.

For example, in Moldova it’s estimated that 300,000 children are ‘social orphans’, abandoned by one or both parents while they work in other countries, often spending years away from their families. Many are trapped in a vicious cycle of ill-health as they face chronic malnutrition.

Please join our ‘I was hungry… you gave me food’ £25,000 fundraising campaign. We can’t sit quietly whilst we see children and the elderly on our doorstep face poverty, hunger and homelessness. You can help these precious lives know that someone cares about them.

How can you give to Harvest for the Hungry?

Harvest for the Hungry is a life-line for many in desperate need. Over the years, TEN Food Parcels have become an essential source of basic food for many. Your gift to Harvest for the Hungry will enable our partners to help needy children, families and the elderly to survive the harsh winter by providing food and other essential needs. Together, let’s make this harvest time a better time for those in such need across our continent.

Anifa’s story

Twelve year old Anifa lives with her grandmother while her parents seek work in Sofia. To help her  survive the winter she attends the soup kitchen  run by Mission Possible in the town of Ihtiman in  Bulgaria.

Harvest for the Hungry church service: FREE resources

Each year, TEN offers churches an inspirational Harvest service that we would love to come and share with your church. Ideal if you want to hold a traditional harvest service, or wish to get people thinking about the reality for those living in poverty. For more information and to book your Harvest speaker call us on 0117 961 5161 or email us via our contact page.

TEN puts together a really useful set of resources for the whole church and will help your congregation focus on those in Europe who are less fortunate. These include a printable leaflet and poster to advertise your Harvest for the Hungry themed service, a short video, and a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes. Use the links below to view/download these ready-to-use resources.

Harvest for the Hungry 2017 Poster
Harvest Giving Leaflet
Harvest Display Poster
Harvest PowerPoint Presentation
Church Resource Pack
School Resource Pack