Harvest for the Hungry – Suffer the little children to come unto me (Matthew 19:14)
Hunger every day
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Will you donate to Harvest for the Hungry?

Harvest for the Hungry is a life-line for many in desperate need. Thousands of families in eastern Europe face a harsh winter without food, especially this year, due to the loss of vital earned income as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the years, TEN Food Parcels have become an essential source of basic food for many. Your gift to Harvest for the Hungry will enable our partners to help needy families and the elderly to survive the cold months of winter.




For almost three decades Transform Europe Network has enabled its partners in Eastern Europe and the Balkans to bring food to the hungry. Lives continue to be changed. Despair keeps giving way to hope. The Gospel of the kingdom is proclaimed to the homeless, orphans and widows, the destitute and families of the terminally-ill. Thousands of people are fed.

 Harvest for the Hungry is supported by the generous giving of UK churches and hundreds of individual supporters.

Your donation of £15 will feed a family with hot meals for a week.

To download this video, Copy and Paste https://youtu.be/qEirY8kxqcI into the Download Video button link below.

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Free resources for your online or in-person Harvest church service or home group

Harvest is the ideal time for people to think about the reality for those living in poverty. Maybe you belong to a home group that would love to watch the short video and discuss the issues of poverty. This year, TEN is highlighting the plight of Europe’s 10 million Roma people who are severely marginalised and often persecuted.

We’ve plenty of online resources, including a short film, PowerPoint slides with stories of hope along with a poster and graphics for your 2021 harvest events. You can now give by texting on your mobile phone as well as donating online through the TEN website. Traditional church collection envelopes are also available on request.

We may be able to arrange a Zoom call between your church or home group with one of our partners in Europe who benefit from Harvest for the Hungry. We can also arrange for a Harvest service speaker to talk with your church. For more information and to book your Harvest speaker call us on 0117 961 5161 or email us via our contact page.

Use the links below to download and access these ready-to-use resources or call the TEN office 01179 615161 to order A4 colour posters, a supply of Harvest postal giving leaflets and Gift Aid envelopes.

Harvest For The Hungry 2018 Poster: Suffer the little chidren to come to me. Matthew 19 v14

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