A few months ago the church in Pelinei was broken into and items taken. The police caught the robbers – three teenagers, drug and alcohol users, the youngest just 15 – and everything stolen was returned. The 15 year old had nowhere to live and it looked as though he would end up in a boarding school. Villagers were anxious about offering help because they were afraid of him.

Misa shares: “…But we felt an impulse from God and we have started to pray, we have discussed with the whole family and we have decided to take him in our family…..the boy has changed totally, he has only good marks and he comes with us to the church. We believe that God will change him completely.”


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  • Pray for wisdom for Misa and his family in providing a loving home and education for Alexandru.
  • The church have managed to purchase land in nearby Ursoaia, where they hope to build a new church. Pray that any obstacles in the way of this will be overcome.
  • Pray for the eight people in the beginners’ Bible study group. Pray that their new faith will grow and flourish.