National Walks to raise funds for TEN on 8th – 15th September

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On Saturdays 8th and 15th September TEN supporters are putting their best foot forward to walk a minimum of 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) in order to raise funds for our work in Europe.

Walks are already being planned by supporters in Cornwall, Devon Somerset, Bristol and Buckinghamshire. We’d love to have at least 10 walks across all parts of the UK, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. More details of the walks will be provided on this page soon.

If you are a seasoned walker and would be happy to lead a group in your area, please let Melanie know. Also if you would like to ask about a walk planned in your area, do get in touch for more details.

BT Donate

To keep the fundraising simple, we ask participants to donate a  minimum £10 for Two registration fee online BT Donate  or send a cheque to TEN.

If you would like to ask friends and family to sponsor your walk, download and  print off the TEN SPONSORSHIP FORM.

Show your support for the National Walks, even if you can’t join in on the day, and give what you can at   BT Donate

National Walks


If you wish to join the River, Rail and Dramway 10k walk please contact the Guide, Bob Northey


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