“Some time ago, while on his job, while everyone was making jokes about women, Sinisa quoted a verse from the Bible about fidelity. Some laughed, but Veljko, loudly said a verse reference of what Sinisa quoted. Sinisa was quite surprised that Veljko knew verse reference. He didn’t know Veljko well because usually they work different shifts. They started talking about God and Sinisa invited Veljko to church.

Veljko came couple of times and is searching for God. Being through some stuff in his life he recognized there has to be God, that he needs to pay Him respect so he started reading a Bible. Actually, when I asked him what he thinks about the eternal life he answered that he wants to act rightly before God but that he knows he is going to heaven solely because of God’s grace through Christ!! We didn’t even have to witness to him!

He decided he wants to come to church whenever he is able to. We also met during the week for a coffee and discussed Bible. He is hungry for knowledge, has independent and inquisitive mind but also has teachable spirit! I like him.

Nemanja is also Sinisa’s co-worker. He had a relationship breakup and on Veljko’s advice Nemanja started reading a Bible. Through Sinisa he found out about our church and wanted to meet with me.

A  week ago, Sinisa, Nemanja and I met and we talked for over 3 hours. This was end of our conversation – Nemanja said : “Alright, I want to follow Jesus, I want to walk on that road, what shall I do?” YEH. We said, repent and believe in the gospel! He prayed to accept Jesus into his heart and we also prayed together for each other. That was Tuesday. Until Sunday, when he eventually showed up in church, he listened two of my previous Sunday Bible studies on MP3 player. After listening to them he sent me a text message saying: “Where was this whole my life?!

We are all so joyful and thankful for both of them.”

Zoltan Vegel
Sombor, Serbia

Prayer – 

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  • Perseverance. Perseverance. Perseverance!
  • Please keep Veljko and Nemanja in your prayers so they endure the race, grow deep roots and become strong in the Lord.
  • Pray also for Veljko’s wife who seems to be open to God.
  • Pray for Zoltan, Sinisa and others involved, for grace and wisdom