Here begins my story when as I was simply looking for books, I found not only a Library but a lot more, in the Hope Center…After accepting an invitiation to help on the Miracle Club Camps, the doors finally opened on the 7th of July and welcomed the first group of the little kids. This continued for four weeks in succession where each week 80 kids and 15-18 youngsters would attend on daily basis, totalling for the whole month 320 kids and 37 teenagers.


The summer camps were the best thing that has happened in my life and a true miracle. They were a real “revelation”, a spectacle of colors, values and testimonies.I loved hearing the children call me “Teacher”!

Each of the children had a different background, a different story. In general they tend to forget about their home or family as they enjoy so much all that is happening during the day, yet it is not difficult to spot a few among the cheering kids who would just stand or sit quiet and look like they cannot be “happy” because the extreme conditions in their family, have already “stolen” the colors and joy from their lives. However, these summer camps are the perfect opportunity for them to feel loved and be part of a big family, where they could also express themselves and their talents.

Only during the camp, I understood the real love for children. At the end of each day, I thought to myself: “Wow, this day ended so quickly and I don’t feel tired at all!” When the camp was over, I missed it so much, I missed the voices of the little kids, their singing, their shouts, their cute faces. I missed their hands holding mine and their expression when their tummy was full with the proper food they had just had.


Now we are back to school and have also resumed our Friday youth meetings as well as the Wednesday Bible study (with a smaller group). The first meeting ended with each of us, who had served in the Miracle Clubs Summer Camps, receiving a Certificate of Recognition.

               This is how my walk with the Hope Center began…

Provided by Mission Possible Albania


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  • Praise God for the Hope Centre and the dynamics it brings to the community.
  • Praise God for all the various ministries MPA are offering and involved with – for all the children they reach out to and the wider community in Bathore
  • Thank God for Eva’s testimony and experience. May she continue to grow in the Lord and have a wider impact herself on friends and family.
  • Pray the children that MPA reach out to and their tough situations from which they come.