Vesna founded “Choose Life” in Novi Sad, Serbia’s second largest city. The project has had a very positive impact on the city and beyond. Through helping with “crisis pregnancy” situations, they have been able to bring purpose, hope and peace to many women. 

“R came to our office and she did the pregnancy test. It was positive and she said that she will have an abortion. “I have not planned this pregnancy; I have a 3-year-old daughter, and a 6-month-old son. This is too soon. I am so exhausted and also we have financial problems. I cannot keep this baby.” We have listened, loved her and encouraged her. She has changed her mind and we are all expecting her baby boy to be born. A month later, R brought a friend in a similar situation to talk to us. And let me tell you, she had already done our work. She encouraged her friend, she spoke to her the words of LIFE, and her friend has also decided to keep the baby. What an encouragement this was to us! We can, in this way, one woman at a time, slowly change the culture of death that we are living in. Oh, Lord, give us daily opportunities to influence people around us. Help us be intentional and courageous!”

Vesna Radeka

Prayer – 

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  • Praise God for Vesna and the love she has for women in crisis. Thank God for her placement within Choose Life and for her passion to make a stand in Serbia.
  • Praise God for the women who are responding to Choose Life. May God uphold them as they care for their newborns.