1. Mission Possible Bulgaria (MPB): “We need prayer support for the complete healing and recovery of Iva Tsvetkova (MPB staff), diagnosed with a rare immunological disease, threatening her life.”
  2. “Please pray for the launching of our Leah Library, a book series for Christian women by Bulgarian authors.”
  3. MPB appreciate your prayers for the development of their women at risk ministry. (Bulgarian culture is slow to catch onto domestic violence.)
  4. MPB are looking for a cook to cater for the various conferences/needs at Dobromirka. Pray for wisdom and for the right person to apply and be in place.
  5. Plamen Borisov, Bulgaria: “Please pray for more people to be saved, and become the disciples of Christ.” Pray for Plamen as he leads the local church.
  6. Praise God for all the children within the church and pray for wisdom for those enquiring about a hall which is needed (with two rooms) to cater for the growing children’s ministry.
  7. May God continue to anoint Plamen, and wife Kremi, in their role as church leaders and as parents to their children. May their children grow in relationship with Jesus.
  8. Nikola Atanasov, Bulgaria: Nikola asks that we pray for some of the people he meets with, in particular, a young child who is very sick with Tuberculosis.
  9. May God heal the woman with depression that Niki regularly meets with; may she only know joy and peace within her life and a deep understanding that she is a daughter of Christ.
  10. A father and husband within the village is obsessed with gambling causing difficulties for the family. May God heal him of his worldly attires and set him free with His Spirit.
  11. Mission Possible Albania (MPA): “Pray for all the programmes and ministry, that we may help as many people as possible, through projects and partners support.”
  12. “Pray for the team, our health (physical, mental and spiritual), strength and motivation.”
  13. “Pray for the Miracle Summer Clubs that it may be a time of fun and good food for the kids, but also a time of reflection as to how far each of them has walked with Jesus Christ.”
  14. “Pray for the work of MPA, that the Lord will provide in every situation that we may keep our programs running!”
  15. Pray for the safety of each person attending TEN’s 50th Anniversary conference down at Brunel Manor, Torquay (15th–17th). May it be a time of encouragement, inspiration, fellowship and an exciting launch to the next 50 years with TEN.
  16. Erion Cuni, Albania: “We are looking for hearts that will follow the Spirit of the Lord, lives changed and people going in to ministry.”
  17. “Pray for next two months where we hope to see more worshipers, more helpers in social ministry among the poor and prisoner families and the church flow with the Holy Spirit.”
  18. Mark McCormick, Moldova: Mark has begun recruiting evangelistic preachers for the annual ‘missions’ taking place in Moldova during October/November. Pray that the right speakers are approached and available.
  19. Mark is a mentor for TEN’s Moldovan church planters; may God continue to anoint his teaching, leadership and relationship with each pastor. May our partners continue to grow as they teach and lead their congregations.
  20. Pray for the church planters who are beginning to teach church members how to reach their FRANKs (Friends Relatives Associates Neighbours and Kids). May God move in miraculous ways as people reach out.
  21. Pray for Mark’s family in Ireland. Pray their family relationships will remain strong and grounded despite Mark’s travels and speaking engagements.
  22. Misa Hiorescu, Moldova: Pray Misa is able to get the drawings for a new church building in Ursoaia approved quickly so work can begin. Praise God the Mayoress has approved planning permission.
  23. Pray for the villagers in Pelinei, who have been enquiring when the church will be opening. Pray for Misa in the planning, building and welcoming newcomers through the door.
  24. TEN is attending The Big Church Day Out this weekend. Pray for God to be present in conversations, with the team and that new windows of opportunities will be open.
  25. Dragan Manev, Macedonia: Today to 31st May, Dragan’s church are concentrating on their puppet ministry; putting on evangelistic outreaches along with a few dramas, with the help of a team from Elim Keynsham, Bristol.
  26. Pray for the upcoming gypsy conference in Skopje (25th–27th June). 70+ people are expected to attend “this strategic conference for the work with gypsy people.”
  27. Pray for Dragan and Biljana, “We need breakthrough in the Spirit. Also we are praying for planting church in the cities that there is no church.” May God provide and share His wisdom.
  28. Tefik Musoski, Macedonia: “Please pray for evangelisation event that we have in Bitola and Krusevo with the Alpha course and others.”
  29. Pray for Tefik’s ongoing health, particularly his heart which is often overworked. May he be strengthened and helped with his work in and around church.
  30. Dusan Beredi, Serbia: “Pray for the ongoing Alpha course which began last month. May God bring people to salvation, and anchor them in Him.”
  31. Pray for the baptism that took place this month; may it have pushed others to make a commitment in their faith.