“And here we are, with Easter just around the corner with another important message: ‘Why did Jesus die?’ What do we celebrate when we celebrate Easter?

We regularly meet every Saturday with those that wanted to learn more about God. Oh, what a difference in just a couple of months. Some eyes are sparkling, some faces are glowing, some smiles are contagious. Jesus has knocked on hearts, and some have stood up and openly shared.

‘You should all do what I did. I have talked to Jesus and asked Him to forgive and come into my life!’ Tanja said with full confidence.

Wow, a young mom that is raising her boys alone, one very sick…she herself had breast cancer, and they just lost everything in the flood. Now she is glowing, totally at peace because she now is a child of God. Amazing!”

Danny & Vera Kuranji
Novi Sad, Serbia

Prayer – 

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  • Praise God for Danny and Vera’s ministry, for their many years of service and the lives that God has used them to transform.
  • Praise God for the ongoing work in Obrenovac and for His witness.
  • Praise God for Tanja and her new found peace!