“Every day of our life is a day of joy, pain & hope. Joy because we are called to serve to a mighty God. Joy because we know how privilege we are to be able to be in the first line of the battle! Joy because we know our God and the hearts & prayers of many are with us.

Pain comes when we meet and speak with many that know nothing about God. Pain comes as we visit the houses of the family’s we try to help. Family’s with parents in prison, family’s with single moms, family’s with fathers addicted to drugs and gambling! Pain comes when we meet man & woman in their latest days old and abandoned from their children. It is a big pain as they eyes aspects answers from us.

We are not the medicine of all the pain around us and the people we try to serve. We know that from the book of Life. It was the same for us! It is important to love them in their pain, it is important to tell them about the book of Life and the gospel of Jesus Christ and is important to give them Hope, that there life’s will change, as our life’s and the life’s of many testify that God is not dead but is a live and he cares for all of them.”

Written by Erion Cuni 


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  • Praise God for the work going in Albania from prison ministry, home groups, work among the Roma, to church planting!
  • Praise God for partners like Erion who live a life of faith and are passionate to see other people’s lives changed!
  • May we share in their joy, pain and hope!