Working with people who cannot read and write, and therefore are unable to directly understand the Bible, Dragan Manev started to work together with Literacy Evangelism International from Tulsa, USA on the preparation of two books using the Cyrillic alphabet for Macedonian people.

Our Macedonian team comprises myself, Dragan and my wife Biljana, my TEN colleague Tefik Musoski, along with Igor, Anastasia and Svetlana. The USA team is led by Bob Biederman and ably assisted by George and Martha Ort and Virginia Newton from neighbouring Bulgaria. The purpose of these books is to help those Macedonian people who are illiterate, to learn their language and then move on to read the Bible for themselves.

Macedonia - Literacy Primer Group

Dragan and Biljana Manev and the Literacy Primer Group

These books will not be the kind used to teach young children to learn to read and write. The target group are the adults who never had the opportunity to learn to read and write and especially the large number of Roma people resident in Macedonia. During the process of learning through these books they will discover the good news of Lord Jesus Christ. Work on the books is well on the way and the first half of the 72 lesson primer will gradually introduce new letters. Using these letters we write out words and with these words we create stories.

The vocabulary is carefully controlled, otherwise the lessons become too  difficult for the new reader. In lesson 12 we introduce the name of Jesus and have  a short story about Him in every subsequent lesson. We named these books ‘The Way to the Light’. This title is also our prayer and hope that the people not only learn to read and write but become able to read the Bible for themselves and come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord. After both books are printed we will start to train volunteer Macedonian believers to use these books with local people.

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