1st April saw the beginnings to 40 days of prayer and fasting in Poland. Churches and individuals from Poland, and other parts of the world, joined in this time of prayer for spiritual breakthrough. In March Peter wrote, “Every year “In the Spring of the year” the kings of the Old Testament would go out to battle, and presently even in the natural realm, there appears to be much unrest and anxiety as we witness the latest moves by Russia against Ukraine. So it is our intention to pray that, not only Poland, but the whole of Eastern Europe will know of a mighty move of the Holy Spirit in these last days. We will be going to battle in prayer.”

It would appear that since the season of 40 days prayer and fasting that some hearts have been touched and motivated to continue the battle. One church in particular (a church plant in Olsztyn) really took the battle to the gates. Each member committed themselves to pray for one hour each morning before going to work. As well as this, because they have no building facility to meet midweek, they also decided to pray for one hour each evening in their own homes between the hours of 21.00–22.00. At the end of the fast they felt the need to continue this prayer indefinitely until the Lord directs them otherwise. Revival is born out of such ventures. May the Lord increase them more and more.

Other news:

On Saturday 14th June 20,000 people gathered in Warsaw to hear Franklyn Graham (son of Billy) preach a no compromising gospel. Buses were organised by a number of churches throughout Poland with 50% of the passengers being unsaved. Many responded to the altar call. Time will tell as to the fruit of this event but we are already beginning to observe disappointment in some church leaders that those who responded are not following through. 

Written by Peter & Lynne Yeoman


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  • Praise God for the workers tirelessly giving themselves to God’s work.
  • Praise God for the recent unity between local churches.
  • Praise God for the witness of Franklyn Graham; please pray that the seed sown through the Warsaw Conference will reap a harvest.
  • Pray for the transformation / revival / Spiritual awakening / move of the Spirit in Poland
  • Pray for spiritual nourishment.