Blerim is a church planter working in the heart of Kosovo, among the Roma community. His work in the community is going well despite the daily challenges he faces which are a result of unemployment, bad economy, and hard living conditions.

“There are 110 families living in this community, roughly 600 – 700 people none of these families do not have any sustainable monthly income, which means the unemployment almost 100%. People collect scrap metal, plastic, used paper and sell them to support their families. In Kosova, the economy is very bad, but in Roma community even worst. They have a hard life. Economy alone makes it even harder for the Gospel to be well received and meantime the tension of radical Islam is starting to get very significant as well. Since this community practices Islam, and the combination of the bad economy and the fear of facing difficulties that might come as a result of considering the Gospel or Christianity, these facts make the ground even harder to work in.

Every day I am there at the centre visiting with the people for the community, having coffee with them, sharing and taking about the life. During the month of Ramadan, there were a lot of opportunities to share the Gospel as people asked for the reason of me not fasting. This was the right time the doors to be more opened to share the love of Jesus and not the obligations towards Him. And that we Christians are called to do good deeds to prove our faith in Jesus and not to gain points to go to heaven, and that we are already saved through the blood of Jesus and not through our works and deeds.”

Written by Blerim Skivjani


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  • Praise God for Blerim’s life. Blerim is Roma himself but has come to know the saving grace of God and is passionate about sharing that to everyone else. 
  • Pray for the Roma community in Kosovo – for the hardships they face
  • Pray against the Roma turning to Islam-ism in Jesus name! May they come to know the truth found only in Christ!
  • Pray for Blerim to persevere despite lacking fruit. May God plant roots whether we see their results or not.
  • Praise God for the work Blerim is doing in regards to literacy and maths classes (as shown in the photo above).