Photo: Pristina, capital of Kosovo

Kosovo is a young nation seeking to establish its identity in a fast-changing world. As the smallest of the Balkan countries with a population of 2 million it declared independence from Serbia in 2008. Serbs (Orthodox) and Albanians (Muslim) represent the two main people groups with a significant Roma population. TEN’s partner in Kosovo is Artur Krasniqi, who is the pastor of the Bashkesia e Popullite te Zotit church in the capital Pristina, with his wife and two children. The church runs a warehouse and two second-hand shops, branded Mosaik and supplied by donations from Switzerland and Germany. This provides valuable employment opportunities for 10 local people and a source of vital income for the church with cheap clothing and household items for local residents.


The church also reaches out to the Roma community through the House of Hope; which provides classes in English, computing and sewing as well as homework classes for school children and a place to meet and chat for the mums. Funds from TEN’s Harvest for the Hungry have already provided around 50  Roma families with food parcels in addition to the 100 families the church supports every month.

There are plans to set up a Kosovan Bible Training facility to help develop the next generation of nationals who will take the work on. The Bible school is intended to be more of a practical, interactive, equipping course than an academic one.

Prayer needs:

  • A new leader for the work amongst the Roma in Vranjec, Pristina
  • Funding is needed to cover the rent of the Bible school building
  • A young man in the church has a serious heart defect, for which he is to undergo surgery
  • Pray for strength to continue witnessing amongst the Muslim population and for increased opportunities in those communities as Islam becomes an ever-increasing reality and force in Kosovo
  • Pray for stability in Kosovo as they work towards full independence as a nation