Artur Krasniqi
Kosovo has one of the weakest economies in Europe. We have sanctions, poor policies, damage from military conflict, weak trade links, organised crime and corruption. All this makes growth quite difficult. In fact the economy is actually shrinking and unemployment is at 70%.

The evangelical church is very small but growing. There are now 35 evangelical churches and they are quite evangelistic in their outlook. One example of this is Fellowship of the Lord’s People Church in Pristina which is pastored by TEN partner Artur Krasniqi. Members of this church have been responding to the needs of many families affected by the poor economy by providing food, clothes and medical supplies while sharing God’s word with them.

Artur says their church has seen some encouraging breakthroughs: “As a church we have been very blessed to see the growth happening and people who have come to know Christ and their will to serving Him in different ways. There are lots of meetings and ministries happening during the week. Our youth are serving, full of commitment towards teenagers of Pristina City and our children’s ministry is reaching other cities in Kosovo.”

In response to this hunger from the next generation of believers they started a Bible school in March this year to help them get deeper into the word of God. Artur says the biggest challenges they face, not only as a church but nationally, is the growth of Islamic extremism and the high rate of poverty (47%). Many young believers from a Muslim background face persecution from their families and communities because of their faith in Christ.

However, Artur remains optimistic for his country: “Our church is mainly filled by the young people, which gives us hope on being able to transform the societies where they live by the fire they have for God.”