1. Monika Mahr, CASA Grace, Romania: “Pray for wisdom to give support to equip those on training courses, mothers of children with severe disabilities, mothers/fathers who struggle solving family problems.”
  2. Pray for the CASA Grace team “to be light and salt—more than to be good professionals we want to show the way to the only God.”
  3. Mircea & Ronela Cristian, Rock of Ages, Romania: “Pray for the work we started in Moldova; The men teams are working well, but we are praying now to be able to build women team.”
  4. There is still more work to be done in other locations, pray “to be able to open the work in Galai prison, Drobeta Turnu Severin prison, Colibasi prison, Bistria prison.”
  5. Pray for Mircea and God’s healing hand to be upon his back. With all the travelling between prisons, Mircea suffers much pain. Pray for God’s healing and provision.
  6. Rock of Ages reaches hundreds of prisoners each year. Pray for the missionaries who go about the work and for each prisoner who hears the gospel.
  7. Johnny & Seigean Musat, Romania: Praise God for the work going on in Henri Coanda with street people, poor people, uneducated people, and people who struggle with prostitution and depression.
  8. “We want God to change lives and we want wisdom and guidance from God in every area where we are involved with children and adults work.”
  9. Pray for Johnny and Seigean as they adapt to being new parents this month. May God guide them in this new and exciting role and immensely bless this family.
  10. Evangelismo En Accion (EEA), Spain: “Pray for the pioneer work: ALORA. Pray for the missionary family’s adaption with the language and culture, and their social relationships as they wish to be accepted in that closed environment.”
  11. “Velez-Malaga: pray for the discipleship of the new believers; it’s not easy to change habits. Pray for those who have left because of family pressures, are jobless, etc.”
  12. “Malaga: Pray for Rosa (70 years old). New in the faith, she has a weekly meeting in her home. Her testimony is reaching out so meetings are starting in other homes also.”
  13. EEA want to hold events throughout the province of Malaga. “Pray for official permits, relationships with authorities, a solid team and fruitful evangelistic sowing.”
  14. Beginning of Life, Moldova: “We are looking at ways to build the craft-making business, to enable more at-risk women employment. Pray that God will guide our planning and provide.”
  15. “Pray for the 12 women who are in the human-trafficking rehabilitation programme. Pray God gives them the strength needed to make lifesaving changes and build a stable, sustainable future.”
  16. Pray for those who attended May’s conference for combating human trafficking; may those present continue to push legislation and fight against trafficking.
  17. Slavko Hadzic, Bosnia: “Pray for our regular activities: Sunday services, home groups, teen work, humanitarian work, health clinic and for all those who receive love and care through us.”
  18. Bosnia’s Regional Men’s Conference (18th–21st June) is expecting 300 participants. Slavko is one of the speakers and in charge of administration. Pray for his leadership, talks and preparation.
  19. Pray for the street evangelism that will take place throughout the summer. May people be open to being approached and truly hear the gospel message.
  20. At the beginning of June, Slavko led two workshops on evangelism at the European Leadership Forum. Pray for those who attended that they will have been inspired by Slavko’s teaching and answer God’s call.
  21. Ljiljana Banicek, Bosnia: “We have a children’s camp from 15th–18th June and a youth camp from 18th–21st June. Pray for the children and youth that they hear the gospel message.”
  22. Flood victims: “we continue to work with those affected by floods. Pray for our effectiveness and that God will use our ministry to draw them closer to Himself.
  23. Marinela Murg, Emanuel Hospice, Romania: “Pray for the grieving children. Pray the Lord will send His Spirit to all the kids who are grieving. Pray they rely on His tender mercy and fatherly love.”
  24. Volunteers will be flooding into the TEN Office this morning to help ‘stuff’ July-August magazines. Praise God for each volunteer and pray for this magazine to have a strong impact upon its readers!
  25. “In June we celebrate International Children’s Day. We will do lots of fun activities and games. Pray for God’s blessings and protection.”
  26. “Pray for God’s blessings upon the marriage of Ms. Daria Sass (psychologist) with Mr. Ciprian Barna (7th). May the Lord bless their life together with the abundance of His amazing love.”
  27. Galina Dzhuzenova, The Compassion Ministry, Russia: “Please pray for the situation in Eastern Ukraine. We continue to help to the refugees in project ‘Word of God to people in trouble’.”
  28. Continue to pray for the Sisters of Mercy who meet with those in hospital. May the words of their mouths bless His name and bless those they comfort.
  29. Viorica Tataru, Greece: Please, pray for Nea Zoi team retreat that will take place in June. Pray for new strength and refreshment for us all.
  30. Please pray for the ‘Threads of Hope’ ministry to grow and continue to provide a work place with dignity for trafficked survivors.