1. Anatoli Yankov, Bulgaria: Humbly asks that we pray for God’s presence to be more recognisable and evident among his family and those he works with.
  2. Anatoli and Dessie are still in need of “helpers to stand with us so we can fulfil His work.” Pray their fellowship will step up, help and understand ‘service ministry’.
  3. Pray “for the upcoming election of new rector of the local Academy of Economics and uprooting the deep corruption there.”
  4. Anatoli continues to passionately serve the orphanage, “pray for our work with the children at the orphanage in Ovcha Mogila.”
  5. Galina Dzhuzenova, The Compassion Ministry, Russia: “We had wonderful three days’ holiday because of Victory Day; we visited veterans with congratulations, New Testaments and food parcels.”
  6. “‘Pilgrim 2015’ will take place in Oparino village, 4th–25th July. We plan to have 100 children and teenagers from Christian families as well as from socially unprotected families of non-believers.”
  7. Milcho Deyanov, Bulgaria, asks for spiritual breakthrough to overcome Popovo, that souls might be saved from the world’s destruction and come to know truth in Christ.
  8. Pray for Milcho’s health as he suffers with diabetes, high blood pressure and other health issues. Pray he receives the right support and is able to manage complications.
  9. Today is Rachael’s last day in the TEN office. Pray for the team as they adapt to new roles and staff. Pray for this next phase in TEN’s legacy.
  10. Nikola Atanasov, Bulgaria: “Please pray for one woman from our church; her husband left her. Our sister is very sad and left alone with her son.”
  11. “Pray for the young people from Shishmantsi to be strong in God and faithful.” May God give wisdom to those who serve the younger generation.
  12. Niki’s grandmother is very ill at 90 years of age. May God comfort the family at this time and in the days ahead.
  13. Our Bulgarian partners are crying out for employment to pick up within their country. Pray believers will cope with the enormous spiritual, physical and financial challenges they face.
  14. Gerry Partridge is flying out to Oradea, Romania today to spend time with the following projects: CASA, Emanuel Hospice, Emanuel University and Emanuel Church.
  15. Gjergi & Esther Renja, Albania: “Praise God our garage is complete and is being well used for home group.”
  16. Today, Stockwood Church, Bristol, fly out to visit their Moldovan partner, Andrei Ghedeon. Pray for their time together, for their future vision and building of relationships.
  17. “Pray for a renewed sense of unity between the local evangelical churches in our area.” Despite differing values may God unite His body to work together.
  18. Esther asks that we pray for God’s wisdom, on their behalf, in knowing how to disciple new believers.
  19. “Several people are asking for baptism and have started a preparation course; pray they’d have a deeper walk with Jesus.”
  20. Erion Cuni, Albania: “We want to have a month of outreach in July to reach the youth. We are waiting for some volunteers from some other organisation to come and join us.”
  21. “The church men get together every month but we’re aiming to, weekly, go out in the far villages of Tirana to evangelise and, God knows, maybe plant small churches.”
  22. Vladimir Cizmanski, Montenegro: “We need prayer for our teenage camp that we plan to have on July 22–29. We are expecting about 20 campers and 10 staff. Most will come from non-believing families.”
  23. “We’ve started an initiative to build a prayer wall which means prayer 24/7.” Out of 168 people needed to cover a week of prayer, 40 people have signed up. “We need more prayer warriors!”
  24. “Slowly but surely we are growing by God’s grace; we need bigger space for our meetings and for kids’ and teenagers’ clubs.”
  25. Jovica Bacvanski, Montenegro: “For the first time during our 16 year ministry, my family and I will have proper summer holidays.” Pray for the Bacvanski’s timeout together, for serenity and respite.
  26. “We’ve got a couple from the USA replacing us during July and August; they pastor a church in New York. Pastor speaks Montenegrin and both are wonderful people.” Pray for their short stay.
  27. Pray for Jovica’s church whilst he’s away. May they be content and step up to fill any gaps. Pray for Jovica’s ministry as he fearlessly carries out God’s calling.
  28. Daniel Stracinski, Montenegro: “We plan camps for young people and for kids these two months, with street evangelism and beach camp. This is a blessing for us.”
  29. “Our church grows and we prepare for official registration;” Montenegro is now changing religious law, “and we hope we can have all that we need.”
  30. “Pray for new people who have accepted Christ that they can grow in Christ and share Him with family and friends.”
  31. Project Romanian Rescue (PRR): Pray “for four summer camps, one is a football day camp. Pray the children attending will know the Spirit of the Gospel through the testimony of the Christian organisers.”