“The bonfire was throwing its flames high in the air and the kids were singing their praise – Jesus Christ is Lord of the universe! Each one of the children was proclaiming with his mouth and heart about his faith in Christ and that was melting our hearts.

That’s how started the Christian intercultural children-youth camp at Dobromirka. We had 75 participants from ten different cities in Bulgaria. The children were of different age, different denominations and different ethnics and social classes. All of them from a Bulgarian, Roma, Turkish origin and even refugees from Iraq, together they played and laughed, threw water balloons at each other and read the Bible.

This year, the topic of the camp was “God’s Armour” from Ephesians 6:10-17. The children learnt what it means to have the truth as a belt around your waist, how to guard with the shield of faith, how to wear the helmet of God’s saving power and to conquer with the sword of God’s message. All the classes consisted of workshops for creating “God’s Armour”, photography course, groups for worship, dancing and drama.

We didn’t miss on games too! The sport tournament for soccer and volleyball was really emotional. With such an enthusiasm and joy everyone was participating and was giving all of his power and energy, to snatch the victory.

Meanwhile worshiping in our last night there, God blessed the camp with His strong and real presence. Along with the songs of praise to God, unforced tears started rolling down from the eyes of young and old and we were all filled with heavenly grace. Leaving that place, each one of us got a part of the Godly presence and we made the promise to keep it as a real and precious experience till the next year.

Thanks for your prayer support.”

Mission Possible Bulgaria