Hillview Church in Gloucester send Youth Team to Bulgaria.

An inspirational report from Hillview Church Youth Team who visited Bulgaria 23rd July – 30th July 2016.


“We had a great opportunity to visit two of the gypsy villages that Mission Possible Bulgaria work in – we went to Pevtsite (which means ‘Singers’ and Rozino (which comes from the word ‘Roses’). It was amazing seeing friends there that we’ve made at the camp and to see where they live.


Both places are very poor, but people are incredibly friendly and happy. Adelina and Ben, who’ve been to these places before, were able to see how those villages have developed over the years – cleaner and better dressed children, bigger churches, and a newly built toilet block in the church yard.

We sang songs with children, talked about God and his love for us, played sports, did drawing and colouring with them, and shared a big watermelon with the children.


A lot of the children look much younger than they really are because they are malnourished. But it’s great that because of the work of the church, who feeds them every day, children no longer die in winter; which used to happen a lot just several years ago. We were all touched by their joy and their love.


Now we are in the Mission Possible HQ in Sofia. After a week of very hot weather we were greeted with torrential rain and a few of the team took the opportunity to get properly drenched. Rain makes the Brits feel at home :).mission-possible-bulgaria-hillview-youth-team4-2016



We spent the evening with Daniela who told us about the work of Mission Possible. Tomorrow we fly back to the UK.”









Check out our Video Blog from the trip