The church in Ilaca held a family camp back in the summer, where family and marriage relationships were built up and encouraged. As a follow on, Tomi and Helena Mogus plan to start small group meetings later this month where married couples can discuss issues that crop up in married life such as conflict resolution, improving communication and building up your partner’s self-esteem. They want to help strengthen marriages going through difficulties and see improvements in family relationships. These sessions will be a great opportunity for families but will only work well if both partners of a couple are willing to take part.

As well as this, Tomi and Helena are giving help and support in a personal way to a number of people they know struggling with a relationship breakdown and its consequences. In each instance they are patiently praying for God’s breakthrough in the person’s life, no-matter how difficult their circumstances may seem.


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  • Pray for both partners in struggling marriages to be willing to attend the meetings planned to address marriage issues.
  • Pray for breakthroughs and reconciliations in marriage relationships.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom and perseverance for Tomi and Helena as they give support and counsel.