It’s freezing today in snowy Bulgaria. After two hours of driving east from Sofia, I reach the small village of Karnare. It’s late morning and I see around 50 children running, some barefooted, towards the soup kitchen. As they approach, the aroma coming from the large pot of bean soup fills them with growing excitement. For most of these Roma children, this will be their only meal of the day and they will return every day during the winter, thanks to the love and care shown by our partners in Europe.

Photo: Mission Possible

“Chattering and smiling, they shuffle along the wooden benches and wait patiently for lunch, with a bowl and spoon. After eating their bread and hot soup, the children hear about the good news of Jesus and join in a prayer. Still smiling, they leave the friendly warmth of the kitchen and return to their freezing homes; shacks made of bricks, cardboard and rags.”

This ministry takes place because somebody cares.

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How much does it cost?

It costs £5 to feed each child for a week.
Every donation to our WinterHelp appeal enables our partners in Europe to help more children.