“When we started the work in Henri Coanda our prayer was for God to answer people’s prayers so that they can see He is real. And this is happening.”

This is Traian and Elena writing after the first few months of their new ministry, Open Heart. They feel particularly concerned about the 800 families living in a new area of Constanta called Henri Coanda. Many of these are in difficult circumstances, living in simple container homes. Often, they need a little extra help to enable them to care for their own families and live a more ‘normal’ life – this is what Open Heart can provide.

A café runs twice a week, providing a place for people to meet, chat and pray. As Traian and Elena get to know people they visit families with particular needs. They currently visit 20 families regularly, praying with them or taking food if needed. Traian and Elena write: “The biggest satisfaction we have in all this work is to see people putting their hope and trust in God, and not in us.”

One example of lives already changed – Roxana and her mother, who Open Heart managed to help with paying rent so they did not have to sleep on the streets. They have now both found jobs and recently gave their lives to Christ. With the support of Open Heart over the next few months, these two women should then be able to ‘stand on their own two feet’.


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  • That Roxana and her mother will be able to support themselves and will grow in their knowledge and experience of God.
  • Many parents take their children out of school because they cannot afford to buy necessary school equipment. Pray for resources to enable Open Heart to provide school items for families.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom for Traian and Elena in deciding who and how to help with limited resources.