Angels of Ihtiman

The Angels of Ihtiman, Bulgaria

The ‘Angels of Ihtiman’ are a group of volunteers from the local church in Ihtiman. They work with Mission Possible Bulgaria to minister to their community, which is the poorest Roma village in town. The Angels prepare hot soup which they take out and share amongst the hungry people, bringing joy and sustenance through the cold, winter months. The name of ‘Angels’ is not a name these people have given to themselves; it is what they are known as throughout their community as they provide food, share the gospel and pray for people. Because of your donations to Harvest for the Hungry, TEN was able to send funds to this wonderful ministry.

Fellowship of The Lord’s People, Kosova

Each month, Fellowship of The Lord’s People, a church in Pristina, Kosova, give out food parcels to people who are struggling. Thanks to your donations received through Harvest for the Hungry last year, they have been able to give more. The church has developed good, trusting relationships with the community, because of their kindness. Many supported people regularly come to church and the Spirit of the Lord is active, working in their hearts. Last year, three ladies were baptised and another two people have recently come to faith. It is hoped that they will be baptised in the near future

Novi Sad Christian Fellowship, Serbia

The Hand for a Friend project at Novi Sad Christian Fellowship is an evolving work that brings dignity and friendship to the homeless community. Each month, a meal is shared with them and everybody gets involved, preparing the food, serving it and eating together. This project has been such a powerful witness that local people donate food and clothing. But your generosity through Harvest for the Hungry means that we are able to support this work and enable the church to provide even more. It makes such a difference to the lives of these people who often feel forgotten.

Arben Bedulla, Albania

Last November, Albania was rocked by a series of earthquakes which left many people homeless and afraid. Arben Bedulla and volunteers from his church responded by giving out food and hygiene parcels to the victims of the earthquakes. TEN provided emergency funds in response to the crisis which Arben was able to use along with funds from Harvest for the Hungry. Many of the people Arben and the volunteers met with were not Christians, but they were able to experience God’s love for them through these acts of kindness. There were also opportunities for the gospel to be shared.

Vance Golomeov, North Macedonia

Vance Golomeov and the Evangelical Church of Shtip have been able to give out food parcels and New Testaments, thanks to the donations received through Harvest for the Hungry. The people Vance and his church members met are very poor; a number of them are either very ill or have recovered from serious illness. Vance has told us that your donations have enabled them to show God’s love practically, which has opened up opportunities to share the life-changing gospel too. Your support means everything.

Marsel Firanj, Albania

Marsel Firanj serves at Light for The Nations church in Albania. The church’s mission is to tell the community that God loves them. With your donations to Harvest for the Hungry, Marsel tells us that they could express God’s love through providing firewood and food parcels for 33 families. One man, a father to a baby girl, was so joyful when he received these gifts. He needed to pay his rent but had no food. When he received the firewood and food parcel, he said, “I thank God. He answered my prayer. I had nothing in my home and God visited me.”