Danny and Vera’s story from Serbia

When we found Milorad, he was barely recognisable, starving, homeless and utterly depressed. He was so grateful for the opportunity to get some help, thanks to TEN’s Uk donors. He soon began sleeping normally, eating and even laughing. Milorad was not the same person! We thank God that we were able to feed the hungry and look after the needs of those who are unable to help themselves. We became channels of God’s love towards Milorad and grateful for TEN’s generous provision through Harvest for the Hungry.

Danny & Vera Kuranji, Serbia

Harvest for the Hungry

Dragan’s story from North Macedonia

A father, mother and their two sons live in the remote mountain village of Brajcino. They are a poor family with no electricity in their home. We’ve helped them with a Harvest for the Hungry food parcel and we will try to help them again by the grace of God. They attended two Bible studies in our church in Resen and are very open to the Lord. Please pray for this family.

Dragan Manev, North Macedonia

Harvest for the Hungry

Antonia’s story from Serbia

For most people, the promise to help someone requires real action and should never be just empty words. Our church team at Novi Sad is committed to a ministry of helping some of the poorest people in the community by providing hot meals. From the start, we never expected to receive anything in return from those we serve. But they continue to surprise us all. The amount of gratitude they show in response to each gesture of kindness is beyond measure. The look of appreciation in their eyes reveals hope for tomorrow because they know that someone cares.

Antonia , Serbia

Bera’s story from Serbia

Thanks to Harvest for the Hungry, twelve very poor people were invited to share a warm meal at the church in Novi Sad. We wanted to demonstrate our love and care for them; to treat them as worthy and dignified guests. We gathered together around the table as friends with friends and were like a real family, and not just an institution doing its work. Before we ate, we gave thanks to God for what He has given us. Although we never asked them to, they each stood up to honour the Lord. This meal was very important to them, feeding their bodies, but also their souls.

Dusan Beredi, Serbia

Harvest for the Hungry

Erion’s story from Albania

Can you talk about God’s word, His love when there are children who haven’t anything eat? Jesus saw the crowds and had compassion, and fed them! As a result of Harvest for the Hungry and with the help of all our partners in Albania, we are able to visit and bring much-needed food parcels to more than one hundred families. Some families receive help on a single occasion and others are helped for up to three months or even an entire year. This adds up to a big blessing, initially to the families but also their relatives who hear about this inspirational ministry funded by Christians in the UK.

Erion Cuni

Petra’s story from North Macedonia

Sadness turned into joy when this poor Roma family received the food we brought to them through Harvest for the Hungry. In the middle of winter the gift of provisions were a great blessing for this family. We shared the Gospel with them, we prayed for them and God’s presence brought a little warmth to their home and also into their hearts.

Petre Petrov