A Big Thank You
Thank you so much for your generosity in responding to our 2015 Harvest For the Hungry appeal. It enabled us to send grants of £45,000 to 30 of our partners working in nine countries, which has impacted more than 500 families during the harshest winter conditions. The funds are being put to great use in purchasing food parcels, which our partners have been distributing to the most needy families in their local communities as a practical demonstration of God’s love.

Our partner in Russia, Galina Dzhuzenova gave one example of the impact of these wonderful gifts: “We gave a food parcel to a family in desperate need of help. The mother and father are both unemployed and struggle to feed their six children. They were so glad to receive five kilos of potatoes. The father said all the family liked mashed potatoes very much, but didn’t eat it for a long time as potatoes became very expensive for them. “Harvest for the Hungry is a great help to our ministry. Praise the Lord and thank you for it!”

Feeding Children
Jesus-a first walked into the church of Mission Possible’s soup kitchen in the gypsy neighbourhood of Rosina, Bulgaria, as a little 4-year-old girl all by herself because she was attracted by the songs Christians were singing. She would just quietly sit there with an unfading smile on her face absorbing this atmosphere of love.

Jesus-a, who is now 11, comes from a very poor family with very little food and no warm clothes, but this soup kitchen has become a place of warmth and love for her where she is not only fed soup, but also the love of God. As part of this year’s Harvest For The Hungry appeal we want to feed many more children like Jesus-a, who are in desperate need.

According to recent European reports, nearly 30% of children in the EU are at risk of poverty or social exclusion. In the EU the risk of growing up in poverty is highest in Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. Some 40,000 children in Europe’s poorest country, Moldova have parents who live and work abroad. 21% of Moldovan children are missing at least one parent due to labour migration. Families are ripped apart by the lure of job prospects in Russia and the rest of Europe, leaving many children growing up alone and in poverty.

Please donate this year so we can feed hundreds more children across Europe: