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Harvest for the Hungry – Suffer the little children to come unto me (Matthew 19:14)

Saturday 29 August

Your donation helped to break the cycle of hunger

It is no secret

Poor nutrition impacts on health and consequently on education and the prospects for employment. Without regular nutritious food, a new generation will also suffer the cycle of hunger and succumb to poverty. Every donation to Harvest for the Hungry reduces the risk of poverty and helps to break the cycle of hunger. Thank you for your support.

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Image: Transform Europe Network

Cycle of Hunger

Image: Transform Europe Network

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Friday 28 August

Why feed kids overseas when children in the UK go to bed hungry?

Good question…

There are many hungry children in the UK and were it not for state benefits and a network of 1,200 foodbanks, the situation would be much worse. However, such help in Eastern Europe is very scarce, that’s why TEN’s partners distributed 6,500 hot meals and food parcels last year with the help of donations to Harvest for the Hungry.

Each donation of £15 will feed a family in Eastern Europe for a week

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Photo: geograph.org.uk

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Thursday 27 August

Kindness is never forgotten.

Will you please help us today?

In the remote, Bulgarian town called Ihtiman, a Roma community is being reached with the love of God. During the cold, winter months, a team of local Christian volunteers prepare hot, nutritious food and bring it to the homes of those in greatest need. The volunteers are known as the angels. Watch our short video, The Angels of Ihtiman that presents the work of TEN’s partner, Mission Possible.

More:   www.mp.org

Please donate to our Harvest for the Hungry 2020 appeal if you can…

Choose either online donations for your preferred amount or Text giving of £15

Harvest for the Hungry appeal

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Video: Mission Possible Bulgaria

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Wednesday 26 August

Making a difference this winter in Eastern Europe

Inside a Bulgarian Soup Kitchen

Chattering and smiling, the Roma children shuffle along the wooden benches and wait patiently with their empty bowl and spoon. After eating the bread and steaming soup, the children hear more about the good news of Jesus and join in a prayer. Still smiling, they leave the friendly warmth of the soup kitchen, run by Mission Possible Bulgaria and return to their freezing homes; shacks made of bricks, cardboard and rags. Tomorrow they will return. This is why Transform Europe Network will launch its Harvest for the Hungry 2020 appeal this week…

More:   www.mp.org

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Photo: Mission Possible Bulgaria

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Tuesday 25 August

Whatever happened to soup kitchens?

Has much changed?

One of the most economical ways to provide hot nourishing food to large numbers of people is through soup kitchens. Long after the days of Victorian workhouse kitchens, thousands of homeless, hungry people still live on city streets and count on the generosity of those who pass by. In Eastern Europe you will find churches that run soup kitchens for orphans and the homeless. This is another reason why Transform Europe Network will launch its Harvest for the Hungry 2020 appeal this week…

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Photo: Wikimedia

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Monday 24 August

A child dies from hunger every 10 seconds.

Shocking, isn’t it?

Poor nutrition and hunger are responsible for the deaths of over 3 million children a year globally. Hunger is in fact the world’s biggest health problem and every year it kills more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Even in Europe, 20,000 children will die before reaching one year of age. This is why Transform Europe Network will launch its Harvest for the Hungry 2020 appeal in the next few days…

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Harvest for the Hungry

Photo: pixabay.com

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