Henri Coanda was a remarkable aircraft designer from Romania born in 1886 whose legacy of engineering is honoured in the name of Bucharest’s international airport. However, for the people who live in the Romanian city of Constanța, on the Black Sea, Henri Coanda was also the name given to a modern, low-cost housing development built in 2012 and designed for socially vulnerable residents. Today more than 2,000 people live in this ‘Social Campus’, having been re-housed by the city mayor. Many of the residents live in poverty and scores are illiterate, have disabilities, or are sick.

Residents at Henri Coanda

Amongst all this need you will find Christians reaching out with God’s love and practical care. Johnny and Seigean Musat know first-hand the obstacles faced by those in poverty and the importance of enrolling the children of Henri Coanda into school and supporting them with their education. Johnny, Seigean and the team from Good News Church in Constanța regularly visit the elderly and families with food parcels, getting to know them and their needs, and helping with education.

Please pray for Traian and Elena Pascalau who have led the work of Good News Church in Constanța for 20 years. The church hopes to rent a room at the Henri Coanda complex to run an after-school programme and provide school supplies and snacks for the children.

Elena reports, ‘During the winter, children often walk to school in slippers or they wait for their siblings to come home from school at midday, borrow their shoes and attend school for the afternoon. Another need at the campus is help to pay for electricity during the winter months. Heating at the housing complex runs on costly electricity; there is no use of firewood. Without electricity life is very difficult for those in poverty. Some families have small babies less than one year old and it’s so difficult to wash the babies, change clothes or to cook for them.’

Traian adds,We are seeing lives being transformed at Henri Coanda. A group of 14 women come together every week to study the Bible, they pray and talk about life and God. They share their needs, express desires and also share experiences they have with God.’

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