“Recently, we took a church road trip together to encourage isolated believers and visit interested ones. One third of the adults from our church—a grand total of 7 people—drove 600 miles out to a place near Malatya. In case you are wondering, “Is God doing anything in that remote area?” read on!

Last year in this small city, a man saw an ad for a Bible, and after it was mailed to him he began to read! Eventually, he was connected with Pastor Metin from our church. This man’s journey began years ago with dissatisfaction with the religious rituals promoted by his very strict parents. Somewhere in his journeys overseas, he visited a church building and felt peace. Last year as he read the Bible, he again felt this incredible peace. At one point, he felt a literal burden being lifted from him. Praise God for saving him! Praise Him for caring about the one lost sheep! Unfortunately, this man faces a lot of pressure from his wife and community. He told us, “I’m all alone.” He is alone, and yet we reminded him of the prophet Elijah who said the same thing. God’s answer to Elijah was “I have reserved 7,000 others who have never bowed the knee to Baal.” How many has God reserved for Himself from this conservative city? God knows, but we pray that it is more than our new brother thinks possible.

I can’t even imagine never having been in a prayer group with others, never having worshiped with other believers… One goal of our church trip was to provide an opportunity to taste “church”—worshipping, praying, and learning together. This man went to several hotels to try to reserve a room for us to have a Christian meeting. After his requests being rejected he finally found a bar that would accept such a meeting. The workers at the bar were very hospitable and requested copies of the Christian books we brought. It wasn’t just this individual and us at the dinner/worship meeting Friday night. God brought six others—a total of 7 from that small city to hear more and see God’s family loving one another and worshiping God. Please continue to lift up these folks

[who’s names we won’t mention as a precaution].

We’ve told you a bit about one man’s story, but really you could apply the same basics to each individual we meet: oppression by those of the major religion, loneliness, and a desire to have a close, intimate group to belong to.There are lots of contacts out there that weren’t able to meet with us for some reason or another. God is working there and it’s exciting to see what will happen as more decide to give their lives fully to Christ.

Metin Mintaz

Prayer – 

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  • Praise God for the witness and faith of this one man and that despite his ‘lonely’ situation, he continues to stand for his faith!
  • Praise God for Metin’s church and their evangelistic heart and love for the people – even those who are miles away.
  • Pray for Turkey as a nation, particularly in the current climate of radical Islam.