God answers prayer in Bulgaria

»»God answers prayer in Bulgaria
Theodore Oprenov

Theodore Oprenov – First Baptist Church, Sofia, Bulgaria

Dear friends and supporters,

“Literally a few minutes ago the Bulgarian Parliament completed the vote after the second reading of the propositions for amending the religious law in the country.

We will write a much longer news later, but we are relieved to state that the most discriminatory and limiting clauses, which affected us, have been successfully removed or changed appropriately.

We are awaiting to see the full text of the renewed law, but we are safe to say that God has granted us a remarkable blessing, by allowing us to see the will of the political powers changed.

We are fully aware that this would not have happened without the strong international support and prayers that questioned the intentions of the lawmakers and the strong and consistent protesting and lobbying within the country.

Praise the Lord!

Christians in Bulgaria

We will write more later about what complications to our life and ministry this law might still have, but the main concerns are over for now.”

Thank you for all your outstanding support and prayers for Bulgaria and the ministry here.

More than 2,000 Christians met to pray and protest in Sofia on 11th November

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