Around 15 million Christians around the world took part in Global Outreach Day May 28th. The simple goal is for every participant to share the Gospel with at least one person that day.

Our partner in Montenegro Vladimir Cizmanski mobilised his church to take part by coordinating an open air outreach in Podgorica.

Vladimir says it was a tremendous opportunity and a great learning experience:

“These are our first steps in doing outreach in the open air and there are many things that we need to learn on the way. The very positive thing was the fact that we as a church had experience of building up a team, relationship, management and planning.

“During our open air it was very hot so we didn’t see as many people as we’d hoped. But we did meet a few people who were open to talk and make connection so we invited them for our regular church meetings. Later we gathered in a nearby hotel and we were able to welcome six people who expressed their appreciation of being present for this occasion. Four of them left their contact info so we will continue to meet with them as long as they will like it.

“One lady said she wanted to learn more things from the Bible. All of us are determined to do this again next year. This is something that we need to do regularly.”