Church Partnership team

Connect your church with a like-minded church in Europe through TEN Partnerships.

Prayer, people, resources and financial support becomes focused on the specific needs of local churches.

TEN enjoys an established track record of working with churches in Europe founded on the pioneering work of Eurovangelism since 1965. We ensure each partnership is of the right match and adds value to both churches concerned. In fact, we expect a lasting synergy to develop that sees everybody blessed, as demonstrated in our partnership case studies.

Watch our short video introducing Church Partnerships supported by TEN.

Imagine that your church has about 40 people who are all long-term unemployed. Not many people can read very well, biblical understanding is quite limited and the pastor is on the bread line. In fact, he’s thinking of emigrating so that he can feed his family. Last, but not least—your church is actually one of the largest and strongest in the country!

We would love to say we’re exaggerating to make a point, but sadly we aren’t. The truth is that most UK churches, regardless of their size, have heaps of resources compared to their European counterparts. However, partnerships are making a real difference and the encouragement this brings is immense on both sides of the partnership.

Here are some of the ways your church members can get involved:

  • Praying

  • Volunteering

  • Giving financially

  • Fund-raising

  • Holiday visits

  • Organising a short-term team

  • Helping with a summer camp

We are always open to new ideas and would be very happy to arrange a visit with your church leaders to discuss in more detail what a church partnership could look like for you. If you would like someone to speak at your church or organisation to share with you more about TEN’s work across Europe or if you know of people or organisations that might like to work with us, we would also love to hear from you.

Please contact Melanie Griffiths, our Supporter Relations and Funding Development Officer, on 0117 961 5161 or by email:

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