Jovica has been a long-term partner with TEN, working in Montenegro. Operation World puts the number of Evangelicals in Montenegro at 0.0%. Within a population of 625,516 only 286 proclaim to be Evangelical and therefore, gospel work is incredibly tough. As with all our partners and the countries they work in, it is a sheer joy to be standing with them in faith knowing that our God is greater, more majestic and can overcome any obstacle. Jovica has recently been at a conference titled, “Get and Act United”. Read his news below: 

“There were about 130 believers. When I took a time to preach I ask Montenegrin believers to stand up and they were just a handful of people. This is our story. This is our picture. This is where we are as churches in this country. Just a few real Montenegrin and rest of us, all are foreigners. I thank God for all of us who came to Montenegro as foreigners, to help and serve, but in my heart is pain and deep cry: Lord, our God please save Montenegrin people. We are here for them. Please pray and believe with us for big change in this year and in the years that come.

This time we decided not to invite foreign speaker. 3 of us pastors were ministering the Word of God to our people, and that was great.

People liked it very much. We look forward to the next one to see the changes.”

Jovica Bacvanski

Prayer – 

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  • Praise God for men like Jovica who persevere no matter what. Praise God for his faith and passion to reach the lost.
  • Pray for God’s Holy Spirit to pour out on the nation of Montenegro, that we might truly witness a miracle in that country that has so many non-Christians.
  • Praise God for numerous conferences that happen globally that remind us we’re not alone in our faith. Pray that the few Montenegrin’s who attended might be empowered and strengthened in their individual walks!