The plight of children in Romania who live with poverty became the driving force for a unique fundraising idea by Bristol poet and author, Graham Brown.

Graham Brown
“I was well aware of the humanitarian struggle of families in Romania because of the feedback from church mission teams visiting Oradea over the past fifteen years. My church, Keynsham Elim has built a strong relationship with CASA (Christian Agency for Social Action) in Oradea, north-west Romania and provides help in many ways throughout the year. Every Christmas, around 1,000 shoeboxes packed with gifts are shipped out each year and delivered by church team members to families in need.

Each summer, the church’s Ignite Team run summer camps for up to 100 children and young people.
One area of need that got my attention was to supply the children with new, much-needed backpacks for school books and educational materials. How could I help raise funds to purchase backpacks?
The idea dawned on me. Why not write that book I’d been considering and donate the proceeds to help the children of Romania? With encouragement from several friends, I set about the task of writing my book of daily devotions that focuses on the promises of God found in Scripture.


The book, ‘You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It’ offers a daily slice of divine delight and is offered for a donation of £10. The paperback also includes some lovely photos of Romanian children. To date, the book has generated over £2,000 and enabled the purchase of the first 100 school backpacks and kit that were handed out to the children during the recent summer camps.

If you would like to purchase a copy, please get in touch with TEN by phone or email. Get in touch: