We have just received an urgent prayer request from Besa Shapllo, Mission Possible in Albania. Floods and heavy rain continue to threaten families, homes and livestock in the Bathore area, just north of Tirana.

All those living in shack homes have had to leave their homes. Everything is soaked in water, including mattresses, blankets, covers, etc. Families have suffered acute loss, with fences destroyed, poultry, sheep and goats are gone. In some areas the water level is raised by as much as 30 cm. There is muddy water with broken sewage channels in some places.

Food, including flour (most families bake their own bread), as well as other foods stored for winter have been lost.

Many families which are on our “Extreme Poverty” lists, including the Roma families whose homes are along the banks of the river are badly flooded. Many kids have not been able to go to school.

The situation is alarming. There is a total absence of drinking water and loss of electric power.

These families need our prayers:

  • Please pray for this extremely alarming situation in Bathore
  • Pray that no epidemics may result as a consequence
  • Pray for their health
  • Pray for those families that have no shelter for tonight and the nights to follow
  • Pray especially for their children who are terrified because of what has happened
  • Pray for those kids who cannot go to school these days and whose books are damaged because of the water
  • Pray for the kids who are so much under stress and scared as they see the rain continuing. Pray that in their hearts and eyes may have joy again
  • Pray for the elderly and their protection
  • Pray for the team of Mission Possible Albania who is trying to help them as much as they can with direct support from Transform Europe Now.

The weather forecast has announced that more heavy rains are expected in the days to come.