1. Pray for Milena’s husband Alex. Pray Alex will be overcome by God’s love for His people, and that he will be able to teach people about God’s grace.
  2. Mission Possible Bulgaria: Praise God for this servant-hearted team who long to reach people and show them God’s light and life, particularly oppressed women.
  3. Thank God for the miraculous provision of their Dobromirka building. Pray God will give them wisdom in how to use it and to expand their current work there.
  4. MPB now put on two “Hem of His garment” conferences for abused women. Pray these conferences will continue to outpour His blessing, healing and love.
  5. Pray for Svetlana and her husband, now in the final stages of cancer. Pray for God’s enduring strength and peace as they walk through the valley; may Svetlana know God’s comforting arms around her.
  6. Dragan Manev, Macedonia: Dragan’s church delivered 1030 Christmas boxes. Praise God for His provision. Pray young lives will know Christ and seek life-long relationship with Him.
  7. The puppet team is thriving and has various outreaches planned for Veles and surrounding areas. Pray for this team and their continuation as they begin writing new scripts.
  8. At the end of January, Dragan’s church held a coffee house seminar about evangelism and discipleship. Pray each individual who attended will have been challenged and want more.
  9. Nesa & Vesna Radeka, Serbia: Pray for their new disciples: Srdjana, Jasmina, Dragana, “they are heroes of our days and are great encouragement to all of us in Nexus church.”
  10. Zoltan Vegel, Serbia: Zoli has been eager to work with men on a one-to-one basis. “We are few but getting closer, stronger, more supportive and having a more evangelistic spirit.”
  11. Maca Turner, Serbia: pray for Maca’s family who are currently facing trialling times with illness. Pray especially for Maca’s son and husband who are not yet Christians.
  12. Praise God for Maca’s humanitarian work. In this New Year will more people walk through the church doors and find a home there.
  13. Fedea Parpalov, Moldova: “Pray for our outreach and mission groups.” Pray they’ll be strengthened and have opportunities to share the Good News.
  14. “Pray for unity between church members.” Pray for the Holy Spirit to be active and free amongst church members so all they can do is love one another.
  15. Pray for the Parpalov family who have difficulties with their health.
  16. Igor Sin: “Pray for guidance for our church ministers so that our church will have an effect and efficient ministry.”
  17.  “Pray for the development of our children’s ministry.” Pray for children’s ongoing discipleship and for energetic spiritual leaders.
  18. Misa Hiorescu: Pray for the children’s ministry, those who give of their time freely and for the young people who also help out.
  19. “Pray for the Mayoress from Ursoaia village – that God would soften her heart to allow church construction documents to be signed off.”
  20. “Pray for our family, that God would give us more wisdom in His ministry!”
  21. Ruslan Telpiz: “Pray for the people from our village to be set free from the fear that keeps them far from God.”
  22. Pray also “for those who have answered” and repented “to grow up in God.”
  23. We ask that you pray for TEN’s Trustees for the current year and months ahead. Will they be united in their vision and continue to be responsive to Europe’s cries.
  24. Pray for the work of TEN. Pray we are able to reach younger generations with softened hearts towards European mission!
  25. Pray for Vesna’s ‘Choose Life’ ministry as they work with women in pregnancy crisis. “Pray for those who choose abortion, that may experience God`s forgiveness and healing.”
  26. Pray for ‘New Women’ ministry and the possibility of working with imprisoned women. There is a vision for rehabilitation centres, pray for patience and doors to be opened.
  27. Pray for the youth. A few of them have begun helping others walk with Christ. Pray their faith will grow to have firm and deep foundations.
  28. Zoli asks for specific prayer regarding their evangelism which so often seems unfruitful, “Pray more people would engage in personal evangelism.”