Most of us can imagine the challenge of visiting a new town without any evangelical church or known believers and openly sharing the good news of Jesus; few of us would do it. However for our TEN partner in Veles, Macedonia, pastor Dragan Manev and his wife, Biljana and their children this was their summer challenge.

Resen is a small town in south-west Macedonia with around 9,000 residents and situated halfway between Bitola and Ohrid. There is no evangelical church and the religious following is predominantly Orthodox Christian with around 26% Muslim.


Pastor Dragan and his family rented an apartment in Resen; which was suitable for church meetings. On the first day God led them directly to the house of a man called Ljupco, who was hungry for God. The good news was shared with him and he is now very eager to receive water baptism. Time was also spent with another family who showed interest.

The Manev family were then joined by another TEN partner couple, Josiv and Biljana Pastor from Bitola. Last Friday there was street evangelism in Resen and it was great. The team are so excited about this mission and the vision to plant a new church there.


Please pray for Ljupco and the ongoing witness, also for a musician to help the team with praise and worship.